Interview à la Deutsche Welle à l’occasion de la World Breastfeeding Week

L'interview de Sonia Phalnikar, journaliste à Deutsche Welle à l'occasion de la World Breastfeeding Week

Voici les questions de Sonia auxquelles je réponds dans l’interview

We know that France has one of the world’s lowest breastfeeding rates. Just how low are we talking?

What are the main reasons for the dismal breastfeeding rates?

What kinds of stereotypes are associated with breastfeeding in France?

So, clearly the numbers aren’t increasing. But are attitudes towards breastfeeding changing for the better?

For a woman wanting to breastfeed in France, is there enough information and support available to her? Is breastfeeding an informed choice?

Is there a fundamental lack of systematic information in the medical establishment regarding breastfeeding? I’ve heard quite a few anecdotes about hospitals and pediatricians recommending baby formula.

What needs to change in France so that breastfeeding rates begin to climb?

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