Your ideal nursing

Your breastfeeding ideal

Knowing how to dive into yourself to reach your summit.

You necessarily have a breastfeeding project, an ideal. This ideal represents your success. Yes, you are good at being a mother.

Your success is for you to define. It is for you to define what succesful breastfeeding means for you. I am here to help you define (→ identify) this.

I am convinced that what happens in your life can be turned into opportunities.

You do not necessarily have the breast size, breast shape, measures, information, or support you would hope for. (→ wish). You baby seems suck clumsily at first. Its hurts you and you are scared.

And yet, two mothers with the same characteristics, the same story, will react differently.

  • the first mill hide behind the sacro-saint choice of breastfeeding or not, using every thing she does not have to justify her fear of not trying.
  • The second creates the breastfeeding project that inspires her, living what she has and overcoming what she dislikes, casting a benevolent gaze on what she has gained (whatever her project may be)

Votre idéal d’allaitement

Your breastfeeding ideal

I am here to help you dare and live your breastfeeding project to the fullest while fully respecting your choices. I am encourage your path as a mother.

Whatever your circumstances, own doubts, or questions, you will be heard by a professional and given practical solutions to experience the type of breastfeeding you will be satisfied with.

Whenever a question or a doubt pops up, please don’t wait and get in touch with me!

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