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Helping you find autonomy in your own project

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A succesful breasfeeding experience also leads to stronger self-esteem.

Turning your personal breasfeeding project into a success means moving away from failure or fatality (such as: “you know ma’am, giving formula ain’t so bad”, or “if you failed the first time why bother the second?”, not to mention the “your baby doesn’t know how to suck” or “you simply don’t have enough milk!”). I am also there to help you defy negative stereotypes, dare even more, get involved, and move forward.

  • Because we all need a little bit of help sometimes and some active support to succeed.

  • When you cannot find easy-to-reach solutions and are looking for someone to help you with that.

  • When you wish to overcome the fear to fail, to betray your dream, to fall into the trap of artificial feeding.

  • When you feel paralyzed by a certain number of beliefs and wish to explore new possibilities, give sense to your actions, reactivate your sources of energy and fulfill your breastfeeding dream.

Practically speaking, here is a non-exhaustive list of reasons for which mothers mostly get in touch with me:

  • How to breastfeed (latch-on, dealing with breastfeeding, breastfed babies’ rituals, keys to understand the situation)

  • Lactation physiology (from the first few hours to the weaning period)

  • Finding solutions to common or complex problems: cracked nipples, mastitis, low weight gain, yeast infections, milk oversupply, etc.

  • Particular situations such as premature babies, Down syndrom, cleft lip/palate, multiple births, adoption, relactation, etc.

  • Becoming more confident in one’s parenting choices: breastfeeding, baby wearing, daily life with a newborn, organising sleep, etc.

  • Gaining confidence as a mother

Let’s adopt proven strategies to move forward and progress whatever your personal challenges might be.

I promise you will derive a true personal pride from trying and from getting involved even beyond the obtained results.

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