How to choose a specialist?

A fex tips to choose your lactation consultant:

AUTRE SUGGESTION : Why get in touch with a lactation consultant?

  • She is a trained lactation consultant and is certified as such
  • She is a professional with high ethical standards and integrity and respect mothers’ rights and the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitute (
  • She is attentive, available, skilled, encouraging and helpful
  • She provides relevant information to help you develop your own ressources as a mother
  • She always respects your choices. (« écoute » redondant avec tiret précédent ?)

Between you and I, most mothers get in touch with me because I was recommended with warmth and trust by their midwife, paediatrician, mother and child welfare center, Paris breastfeeling helpline (, or their best friend.



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Make sure you the support you get is centered on you and allows you to decide for yourself and your child !

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