Held a consultation

What happens during an consultation

During our session together I will ask you relevant questions to get as much information as possible (medical conditions, breastfeeding routine, desires, hopes, etc.) and keenly oberve how you breastfeed in order to get a global – yet as clear as possible – picture. (I need you to give me all relevant details).

I will then make physiology-based suggestions and thoroughly explain them to you. They need to make sense to you and connect smoothly with your daily life. The information I share with you results from the consciencious and judicious research of the best clinical-research data.

My intention is to give you keys to breastfeed as you feel.

During a breastfeeding consultation I may:

  • Visually and manually examine your breasts

  • Visually and manually examine your infant’s mouth and suction

  • Observe the mother-baby dyad when you feed

  • Thoroughly collect and analyse data on your breastfeeding experience

  • Show techniques meant to improve your breastfeeding experience

  • Show and explain the use of breastfeeding-related devices

  • Recommend a personalised breastfeeding plan to solve your problems – evolving with time and needs

My clinical approach is based on observation.

Because it is obviously impossible to remember everything said during a consultation, I will consequently leave with you some documents carefully written and based on scientific proofs. The rather dense documentation will contain general information as well as an individualised selection according to your needs, hopes, wishes, questions or even future questions.

Ask yourself how you want to be helped, and who could offer you enough time to help you trouble shoot problems one by one.

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