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Call 06 82 31 32 59 to book an appointment.

Appointments last from 30 minutes to 2 hours for a first consultation.

Appointment schedules depend on each mother’s needs.

The consultation can be:

  • an in-person appointment

  • a phone appointment

  • a Skype or FaceTime videoconference

The first consultation (90-120 minutes)

Overall, this consultation helps you:

  • identify the origins of your problems and their solutions,

  • understand the basic principles of breastfeeding physiology,

  • have access to information ressources to set up an evolving breastfeeding routine.

It serves as a “basis” to establish simple keys to put into practice:

  • understanding differently how your body works

  • finding a different way to understand your baby

  • relieving and preventing aches and pains while respecting your child’s needs, yours and and your family’s.

I have noticed that, after the first session, many mothers go on breastfeeding several weeks to several months later than their initial breastfeeding project was. They are often quite surprised at how much they enjoy it and get in touch with me whenever new questions arise. The following consultations enable them to discover, learn and advance towards a softer type of parenting and what makes sense for them.

Some mutual companies may cover some of the costs.

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Getting ready to breastfeed

A prenatal consultation is a great opportunity to ask all your questions to a professional. You will get relevant information to understand the basis of breatsfeeding, key elements to make sure you start breastfeeding in good conditions and strategies to deal with particular situations (engorgement, cracked nipples, jaundice, low gain weight, etc.). The prenatal consultation is particularly appreciated by mothers who have had an unsatisfactory prior breastfeeding experience, who are worried about expecting and breastfeeding twins (or triplets), who have undergone breast surgery, or who have a medical condition.

Post-partum consultation

Making sure the baby latches on properly, observing signs relating to optimal milk transfer, identifying risky situations and reacting effectively, finding solutions for suction-related problems, dealing with pains if any, are typical subjects which could be discussed during the post-partum consultation. If you are faced with any breastfeeding-related problem, I will help you find a solution. I will test your baby’s suction and will give you tips to improve your daily experience.

Follow-up consultation

Are you still having doubts or questions after a first consultation? You are most welcome to get in touch with me any time! Some mothers may feel totally reassured after a consultation, others might prefer several appointments to feel totally at ease.

Sometimes, other problems might occur. The follow-up consultation might be a good opportunity to go over you inital breastfeeding plan, to discuss ways to deal with milk flow, to find reflux-related solutions, etc.

Pursuing breasfeeding and questions

This consultation is mostly for mothers who wonder about pursuing breastfeeding after the neonatal period and the possible challenges which might arise. The usual questions generally include feeding rhythm, normal growth and weight gain, development patterns, sleep, introducing solid foods, breastfeeding a distracted baby, soft discipline and weaning. As you child grows, her/his needs evolve and your relationship changes.

Going back to work / uni

Bearing in mind your own constaints we will work on a personalised plan for you in your own situation. Getting back to work does not necessarily imply the end of breastfeeding. French law allows you to combine both. During this consultation you will review pratical aspects such as the various modes of breast milk expression (electric and manual breast pumps, hand expression), how to transport and store your milk, your routine with your baby and when you are away from her/him, how to explain your project to your family, colleagues, etc. You may also discuss the introduction of baby bottles, how to adapt to your day care solution, the most common hurdles and their solutions.

Pre-adotion consultation

Breasfeeding an adopted baby? What an idea! some might think… For others, it is a way to create a strong bond between the mother and her child. This consultation will provide you with information on induced lactation, on how to give the baby milk, and on the various feeding modes.

Nota Bene

The ressources and information given during each consultation are based on proofs combined with the support experience of hundreds of mother-baby couples and the sharing of rich and varied experiences. You will be given keys to make your own decisions while respecting your family’s needs.

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