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Seeing mothers feel better is what fuels me. I delight in helping them re-connect to themselves, find their own path and, above all, find keys towards their autonomy. This is why my consultations are individual and personnalised.

Health professionals act together to cure, provide care for and treat patients. Making diagnoses and prescribing drugs are exclusively reserved to them.

My job is not identified as a health profession even though our skills are recognized. Indeed, like all my colleagues, I base myself on care protocols validated by national and international authorities (WHO (http://www.who.int/en/) OMS, UNICEF, Academy of Breastfeeding Medecine, HAS, INPES, ILCA, etc.). The data I share with you are based on validated studies (frequent nursing, cabbage leaf or green clay compresses, for example.)

I have a keen knowledge of up-to-date international breastfeeding recommendations.

If after seeing me you believe you need to change an ongoing treatment, please bear in mind that only your medical doctor is qualified to do so. When I answer your questions about the compatibility of a treatment with breastfeeding, I base myself on validated ressources. (Medications and Mother’s Milk, Thomas Hale, www.lecrat.org, Lactmed, e-lactancia, Les coins du Prescripteur, etc.)

As a lactation consultant, I do not make diagnoses. The material available on this website cannot replace a specialist’s advice on your particular case.


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